About us:

 Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill, free-roam shelter for homeless cats and dogs. Serving Cape Girardeau County and the neighboring area, the facility is licensed by the Missouri Department of Agriculture and is incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Safe Harbor is committed to a no-kill policy and no Safe Harbor animal is ever euthanized unless it is medically necessary to put an end to an animal's suffering. With the help of local veterinarians, all animals of the appropriate age who come into Safe Harbor's care are spayed or neutered, and are given basic inoculations.


Our Mission:

  • We will provide shelter, food, medical attention, and lots of love for as many animals as funding and space allows.
  • Through an adoption policy and screening, we will adopt out to loving homes all animals considered adoptable.
  • We will provide a permanent home and compassion for animals with special needs that are not easily adopted out.
  • Through our participation at special events, we will educate the public about various animal diseases and the need to spay/neuter.



Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Sun: 8-12
  • Evening hours by Appointment